About RePuzzle

Here at RePuzzle, we specialise in selling good quality second-hand and new jigsaw puzzles.

We believe that many pre-owned puzzles can be recycled again and again if well looked after. All our jigsaw puzzles are completed and quality checked before sale to ensure that there are no missing pieces, pieces are bagged and box is in a sale-worthy condition. Add to this our low prices, our puzzles are an economic and eco-sustainable way to add to your collection. Buying in this way is also a good option when popular titles are no longer available from the manufactures.

RePuzzle is a small, friendly concern, specialising in just jigsaw puzzles. We aim to reclaim, reuse and recycle only the best pre-loved items - even our packaging is made up of recycled materials whenever possible!

We pride ourselves on giving the best quality service that our customers expect, so if you have a problem or query, please don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing us at service@repuzzle.uk